Advantages of MgO-CaO Refrectories

Advantages of MgO-CaO Refrectories

In China, the resources of MgO Cao refractories are very rich. China is the most important production base of magnesia all over the world. Magnesia is also one of the three main raw materials of refractory materials in China refractories

1.The main components of magnesia calcium brick are CaO(melting point 2623 ℃) and MgO (melting point 2825 ℃), which are oxides with high melting point and can meet the smelting requirements. Compared with Cao, MgO has higher steam pressure at high temperature and its thermodynamic properties are unstable. Because the thermodynamics of MgO Cao refractory is very stable, it can be suitable for working environment with high temperature and vacuum.

2.CaO has good creep characteristics, magnesium calcium brick has low elasticity and good high temperature toughness, so its heat impact resistance and spalling resistance can be better than magnesium chromium brick.

3.CaO in magnesia calcium brick has strong corrosion resistance to high alkaline slag, and CaO can also improve the basicity of slag on the surface of lining brick and reduce the chemical corrosion of slag when the basicity of slag is relatively low in the early stage of refining.

4.The purified molten steel contains CaO in the MgO CaO brick, so it contains strong chemical activity and is easy to react with phosphorus, sulfur and other impurities in the molten steel, and then can be transferred to the slag. Therefore, it is best to use MgO CaO as the inner lining of refractory for dephosphorization and desulfurization of molten steel, which means that MgO CaO refractory is used in smelting special steel Pure steel is the best refractory. The image analysis of inclusions in steel shows that MgO CaO C at the non slag line of ladle wall can reduce the oxygen content and the number of inclusions in steel, change the particle size distribution of inclusions and reduce the particle size of inclusions, which are very beneficial to the improvement of molten steel quality.

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