Brief Analysis for The Chinese Electrode Paste Market

Brief Analysis for The Chinese Electrode Paste Market

Speaking of electrode paste, as we all know, it was invented by the Elkem Group from Norway. In addition, the Norway not only invented the electrode paste ( soderberg paste), but also make a great contribution to the submerged arc furnace usage.

Nowadays, the Elkem is a subsidiary of China Bluestar Group, today we won’t discuss about its history of development but the manufacturer technique of the electrode paste.

Elkem introduced the electrode paste into China, rooted in Ningxia city, and they started Chinese electrode paste industry. The electrode paste factories surrounded Ningxia are related to Elkem more or less. These factories inherited and developed the Elkem’s manufacturing technique which regarded the coal as the main aggregate. As time goes by, a similar electrode paste process and application effect are formed.

The manufacturer technique of Gongyi Electrode paste is invented in 1990s. Gongyi is a major industry town since the period (1912 — 1937). Since the reform and opening up, the machinery, refractory and carbon industries have developed especially. The deep industry accumulation help the Gongyi carbon practitioners innovate the electrode paste recipe. For the first time, electrode paste is produced by anode scrap as the main aggregate not by coal.

No matter the aggregate is coal or anode scrap, the final electrode paste have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Ningxia Electrode paste has better fluidity but poor oxidation resistance. Gongyi electrode paste possess higher viscidity but lower production cost.

After its technique being mature, Gongyi Electrode paste becomes popular among the Chinese ferroalloys industry. Gongyi Electrode paste has lower unit consumption and half the price compared with Ningxia electrode paste. At that moment, Gongyi electrode paste industry becomes vigorously. Because of largely using anode scrap as aggregate, this manufacturing technique makes the anode scarp become one profitable industry raw material. With time going on, the anode scrap price increase a lot. Until now, though Gongyi electrode paste has a little price advantage, not that obviously as twenty years ago.

So, about the Chinese electrode paste market, Ningxia electrode paste owns a bigger output and wide cover area. After all, its technique has a long history. Gongyi electrode paste have better quality and price. In a word, both of them are a draw among the Chinese electrode paste market.

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