Carbon paste products- Electrode Paste, Soderberg Paste

Carbon paste productsElectrode Paste, Soderberg Paste

Carbon paste products can be divided into two categories, one is used as conductive materials (such as electrode paste and anode paste), and the other is used as a binding filler when building carbon blocks.

The electrode paste is supplied to a ferroalloy furnace, and an electric furnace for producing calcium carbide and yellow phosphorus is used as a consumable conductive material, and is a self-baking electrode. The so-called self-baking electrode is filled with an electrode paste in a metal electrode casing. Under the action of the high temperature of the furnace and the heat generated when the current passes through the electrode, the electrode paste is baked to make it a conductive electrode. Self-baked electrodes made with electrode paste allow low working current density, generally 8-6 A / cm3. Compared with the carbon electrode, the raw material requirements are not high, the manufacturing process is simple, and the production cost is low.

Generally, the electrode paste used in small calcium carbide furnaces or ferroalloy furnaces can use metallurgical coke or pitch coke. For large and medium-sized electric furnaces, anthracite and metallurgical coke should be used. Adding a small amount of natural graphite or graphitized metallurgical coke, or graphite scrap, is beneficial to improve the thermal and electrical conductivity of the electrode paste. The amount of binder must be appropriate. Too much amount will cause the electrode paste to sinter at a rate that cannot keep up with consumption requirements, resulting in soft broken. Moreover, the porosity after sintering is large, the strength is low, and it is easy to break. If the amount is too small, the sintering speed is too fast, and the strength after flame burning is low, it will also cause hard break.

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