Characteristics of abnormal electrode paste furnace conditions

Characteristics of abnormal electrode paste furnace conditions

The furnace mouth emits white flames and arcs, and the flames are uneven, shiny and whitish, often accompanied by large-scale stabbing, collapse, and spraying. The speed of the material is slow, the current fluctuates before and after the furnace, and it is often after the furnace. There is a phenomenon of flow interruption, the front of the furnace is not well opened and blocked, the slag and iron are uneven, and the discharge is not smooth. Sometimes there is slag and no slag iron in one or several furnaces in a row.

Cause analysis and treatment of abnormal electrode paste furnace condition

Characteristics of abnormal electrode paste furnace conditions

Confirm whether the electrode length is suitable for baking the electrode paste , whether the nickel ore moisture exceeds the standard, whether the composition meets the requirements, and whether the coke particle size, composition, and moisture are appropriate. Because the ferronickel smelting process is carried out under the condition of extreme carbon deficiency, the current communication in the furnace is difficult and easy to cut off. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring the alloy composition is qualified, a sufficient amount of coke and a large enough particle size should be used. At the same time, because nickel ore powder and nickel ore melted in the re-reduced state, it enters the alloy, which improves the recovery rate of nickel and reduces power consumption. Safe production is unfavorable, and the appropriate material level is very important, and it must be mastered according to the situation.

Electrode electrode paste lifeless

3.1. Features: The electrode current of this phase is very large, and the voltage is very small (or even zero).

3.2. Reason: The electrode is inserted too deep, or the electrode of this phase is short-circuited with a component, causing grounding.

3.3. Treatment method: find out the cause of the dead phase and remove the fault. Properly raise the electrode, lower the electric furnace, and increase the voltage.

Electrode electrode paste cutout

4.1. The electrode current of this phase is very small, but the firing voltage of the electrode paste is very large, so it does not work and does not change the material.

4.2. Reason: The working end of the electrode paste is too short or the electrode is not inserted in time when the electrode is out of the furnace. A large amount of raw material enters the crucible. In addition, water leakage in the furnace can also cause it.

4.3. Treatment method: find out the cause of the interruption or eliminate the fault, and add a small amount of large-size coke to the root of the electrode. If the current is interrupted for a long time, the channeling operation between the electrodes is required.

Key indicators of Rongxin Carbon Electrode Paste

Ash Ash Content )
2-10 %
Resistance Resistivity )
55-90  m
Volatile VM )
10.0-15. 0
Density Density )
Compressive strength
(Compression Strength)
Apparent density
(Apparent Density)
Flexural strength
(Rupture Density)
True density
(Real Density)
Liquidity Coefficient

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