corundum brick and Magnesia Bricks

corundum brick

Corundum brick contain more than 90% of aluminum oxide,which is manufactured using high quality synthetic electro-fused corundum and sintered corundum and finely grained highly aluminous raw materials with ceramic and chemical bonding. 
Corundum brick is shaped under high pressure and fire with high temperature with scientifically and reasonably gradating and adding good performance of additives.

Mainly used for the key parts of the industrial furnac of steel,electronics,petrolchemical,fertilizers,non-ferrous metal etc.

Quality Assurance:

The quality assurance system consists of the following steps:
a.Inspection and Control of incoming raw materials:According to the chemical content,raw materials are classified into different levels to ensure quality of brick first.
b.Inspection and control of the process:During the production,every brick will be weighed twice strictly to reduce the error of weight .
c.Inspection of product Standardization of quality of each product by process control and experimentation.
d.Taking corrective measures whenever deviations are noted.
e.Quality audit by quality management.Before delivery, the inspectors will inspect the size,appearance,physical and chemical properties of brick again in factory.


Made from burned magnesia or electric fused magnesia,High pressure forming,high-temperature 1600-1700°C sintering,MgO content is above 91%.

1.High refractoriness,usually the refractoriness is above 2000°C.
2.Refractoriness under load about 1500-1550°C because of poor high-temperature intensity.
3.Strong ability to resist basic (alkaline) slag,can not contact with acid refractory material.
4.Poor Thermal shock resistance,so keep the temperature of furnace stabilized.
5.Poor Volume stability at high temperature,must set aside appropriate expansion joint when laying brick.
6.Strong ability of thermal conductivity,sometime need insulating material.
7.Hydrability, keep product away from moisture during storage.

Technical parameters






MgO   %





SiO2   %




CaO   %




Apparent   porosity/%





Cold   crushing strength/ Mpa





Refractoriness   under load, 0.2MPa, °C





Reheating   Linear Change(1650 °C,2h) /%





Widely used in steelmaking furnace lining;ferroalloy furnace,ferroalloy copper,nickel,lead,zinc,tin etc smelting furnace lining;building material industry lime kiln;glass industry regenerator checke,high temperature calcination kiln,shaft kiln and tunnel kiln.

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