Development of excellent electrode paste

[Abstract]: This paper introduces how to improve the production process of common electrode paste and make special treatment on raw materials to produce excellent electrode paste with high strength, good thermal shock resistance, good sintering performance, low unit consumption and power saving

[Key words]: particle size additive Sintering / performance electrode paste thermal shock resistance

[classification No.]: tq165


In recent years, the submerged arc furnaces at home and abroad are developing towards large-scale and high-power. There are many electric furnaces with furnace capacity of 30-45mw in foreign countries, and electric furnaces with furnace capacity of 20-45mw in China are also continuously introduced and developed The old furnace is also tapping the potential for innovation and often operates under overload. Therefore, the original quality electrode paste (sealed paste) has been difficult to meet the requirements of the new situation. Not only does the paste have high unit consumption and energy consumption, but also the electrode paste

Development of excellent electrode paste

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