Development of silicon carbide bonded silicon nitride

With the promotion and development of the silicon carbide market, we gradually realize that the use effect of silicon carbide and silicon nitride is very good. Because of its excellent high-temperature performance, silicon nitride can be used as a bonding agent for silicon carbide products. Silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide products are a high-tech silicon carbide refractory developed in the past 20 years. The combination of the two will further promote the development of the refractory industry.

The production process of silicon carbide combined with silicon nitride is as follows: 15% – 25% fine silicon powder is added to the mixture of silicon carbide particles, high-purity nitrogen is introduced into the nitriding furnace, and nitriding reaction sintering is carried out at a certain temperature and pressure system. Silicon and nitrogen are generated α- Si3N4 and β- Si3N4 combines hard silicon carbide to form a dense network structure.

Development of silicon carbide bonded silicon nitride

Advantages of silicon carbide combined with silicon nitride: silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide products have good physical and chemical properties and high-temperature performance. The use temperature is up to 1500 ° C, which is widely used in mold, metallurgy, daily use, electronic ceramics and other industries. It has broad prospects as a kiln.

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