Distinguishing method of bauxite clinker

Distinguishing method of bauxite clinker

The output of bauxite in China is very large, but the grade difference is also quite large. The quality of bauxite produced in some places is very good, and that produced in some places is very general.

Ordinary Calcined Bauxite is formed by directly calcining bauxite raw ore at high temperature, and no other components are added in the calcination process. The main components of bauxite clinker are aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, etc.

Aluminum oxide clinker for accelerator is very different from the above ordinary Calcined Bauxite because the masterbatch in accelerator is sodium aluminate and the ordinary bauxite is aluminum oxide. The difference of product composition leads to their different properties. In the process of calcining alumina clinker, soda ash, limestone and other components need to be added, so that alumina clinker can be generated through chemical reaction after calcination. The content of sodium aluminate in alumina clinker can reach 60% – 80%, and the purpose of rapid setting can be achieved through chemical reaction in the process of rapid setting.

There are two main methods to distinguish bauxite clinker:

1、 Through the color identification of clinker, bauxite clinker with different aluminum content has different colors. Some skilled technicians mainly identify it by this method, but this method will have the characteristics of inaccurate accuracy.

2、 This method is accurate by sending samples to relevant bauxite testing points for testing.

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