Electrode paste anhydrous gun mud export supplier

The use of electrode paste:

Electrode paste is also called self-baking electrode. It relies on the heat in the submerged arc furnace to complete the roasting. Therefore, matching the consumption speed of the electrode and the roasting speed is the key to the use of electrode paste. Due to the development of submerged arc furnace technology, The direction of large-scale and airtight development. During the firing process of the electrode, the more conductive heat and the reduction of radiant heat obtained by the open furnace in the past are only conductive heat. Therefore, the heat obtained by the electrode from the furnace is greatly reduced. It is required to improve the sintering performance of the electrode paste to make up for this deficiency.

For electrode paste manufacturers, the two most taboo problems are soft and hard electrode breaks, of which soft breaks are more terrible and are prone to accidents. Hard fracture is caused by insufficient strength of the electrode paste after sintering; soft fracture is that the electrode sintering speed is not as fast as the consumption rate, and the lowering is too fast. The electrode is not fully sintered and cannot withstand the stretching and lateral impact of the lower part of the electrode, causing fracture. These two problems are directly related to the performance of the electrode paste of the carbon manufacturer, and are also related to the operation during use.

Electrode paste anhydrous gun mud export supplier

There are only two main steps in the production of electrode paste, namely, batching and kneading. Among them, the kneading is basically the same at present, as long as the kneading equipment is a regular equipment (a discontinuous double-shaft kneading pot above 2000L) and the kneading temperature and time can be controlled in the process. The key to the ingredients is a reasonable formula; the selection of raw materials, the particle size ratio, and the softening point of the binder asphalt and the amount of binder used are especially important. At present, the main problem that plagues manufacturers is that the electrode paste baking speed is too slow, so some manufacturers adopt methods to reduce the amount of asphalt used. This method is effective to a certain extent, but too low amount of asphalt causes the fluidity of the electrode paste to deteriorate, and the electrode paste is not easy to be filled in the electrode barrel. After sintering, the density is poor and it is easy to cause hard fracture.

Another method is to reduce the asphalt. The softening point of the electrode increases the sintering speed of the electrode, but the softening point of the pitch cannot be reduced indefinitely. Because the pitch with a too low softening point reduces the coking rate of the pitch, the strength of the electrode is also reduced, or the phenomenon of hard fracture occurs. Therefore, in addition to properly mastering the above two methods in the production of electrode paste, the sintering speed of the electrode must be improved through the adjustment of the formula. The conduction heat obtained in the furnace can speed up the firing speed, and at the same time try to reduce the consumption of the electrode to reduce the speed of the electrode lowering, which can also achieve the matching of the electrode consumption and the firing.

I began to study electrode paste production technology in the 1980s, and conducted experiments on the production of electrode paste for the electric nickel furnace of Northwest Jinchang Company. I also added certain additives to the asphalt, which also had a certain effect. After that, he successively developed products for a number of large-scale calcium carbide furnaces and ferroalloy furnaces and gained certain experience. Therefore, the production of electrode paste should be prescribed to the symptoms, multi-pronged, comprehensively considered, appropriate, and complementary in order to produce good products and obtain user satisfaction.

Introduction to electrode paste production:

Electrode paste can be said to be a product with simple process and complex technology in carbon production. One is because the electrode paste is kneaded and formed into a finished product. Unlike other carbon and graphite products, defects in the previous process can be compensated by baking, graphitization or even impregnation. Secondly, the electrode paste is directly to the user, and the electrode is formed through the process after the user’s use process is completed to play the function of the carbon product.

However, the electrode paste users are very different: different furnace types; different production products; different regions; different environments; different seasons and operators The technical level of the electrode paste is also different. The so-called: it is difficult to adjust. It is difficult for the electrode paste manufacturer to adapt to such complicated use conditions. Therefore, the production process of electrode paste seems to be relatively simple. To produce a good one, it needs special Experience and technology.

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