Ferrochromium uses electrode paste, which can withstand high temperature and has a small coefficient of thermal expansion. It has a relatively small resistance coefficient, which can reduce the loss of electric energy. With small porosity, the heated electrode can be oxidized slowly. With high mechanical strength, the electrode will not break due to the influence of mechanical and electrical loads.

The current is smelted by the electric arc generated by the electrode input into the furnace. The electrode plays an extremely important role in the whole electric furnace. Without it, the electric furnace cannot play a role. In order to make the electrode work normally under the temperature generated by the arc, it must have a high degree of oxidation resistance and conductivity, which only the electrode made of carbon material has this property, because the carbon electrode can withstand the arc temperature of 3500 ℃ and only oxidize slowly.


Now the raw materials used in the production of electrode paste are basically calcined anthracite, metallurgical coke powder and medium temperature coal tar pitch; It should be updated to use electric calcined anthracite, calcined petroleum coke and modified coal tar pitch. The specific resistance of common calcined anthracite is 70% higher than that of electric calcined anthracite; The specific resistance of metallurgical coke powder is 2.5 times that of calcined petroleum coke. The toluene insoluble matter and coking value of modified coal tar pitch are higher than those of medium temperature coal tar pitch. After the upgrading of raw materials, the quality of electrode paste has reached a new level.


Although the upgrading of raw materials should increase the cost of electrode paste and increase the price of electrode paste, it is bound to reduce the production cost of manufacturers using electrode paste and improve the stability and product quality of manufacturers using electrode paste. The total cost of using the manufacturer will not increase or will not increase much.

Some electrode paste manufacturers update one or two raw materials, but they do not update all of them, which makes them feel ineffective or ineffective. In fact, the overall integration effect is not reflected, especially the use of modified coal tar pitch still has technical problems, which need the guidance of professional technicians

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