Electrode paste height measurement method

1、 Determination method of electrode paste height

The height of electrode paste refers to the height from the upper end of electrode clip to the top of electrode paste. If the electrode paste is too high, the coarse and fine particles in the electrode paste are prone to delamination, or the electrode cylinder is swollen due to the pressure of the paste column. If the electrode paste column is too low, it is difficult to obtain a dense electrode because the pressure of the paste column is too small and the filling property is poor. Electrode paste consumption is too fast. The proper height of electrode paste column is conducive to improving the quality of electrode roasting and reducing consumption.

By controlling the height of electrode paste, sintered electrodes with good quality can be obtained, which can be controlled by manufacturers according to the actual situation. For example, the electrode diameter of a 25500kva calcium carbide furnace is 1250mm, and the height of the electrode paste should be controlled at 3.5-4.0m, which is more appropriate.

Electrode paste height measurement method

2、 Measuring method of electrode paste height

When measuring the height of electrode paste, the tool used is a hemp rope. At one end of the rope, a 100mm*50mm150mm ball made of melted electrode paste is tied. The rope is about 10m, and a mark is made every 200mm

Is the distance (measured value) from the top of the electrode cylinder to the base of the pressure release cylinder (the upper edge of the electrode cylinder jacket), mm; B is the height (measured value) of the empty cylinder of the electrode cylinder, mm; C is the height of electrode paste (calculated value), generally C is 3500-4000mm; D is the height of electrode paste liquid, generally D value is 1000-1500mm; L is the working length of the electrode, about 1800-2000mm from the low ring to the electrode end (the L value of the internal combustion furnace is about 1500-1800mm).

Electrode paste height measurement method

The calculation formula of electrode paste height (mm) is as follows:


3、 Requirements for measuring electrode paste height

(1) The measurement shall be carried out twice per shift, once after shift handover and once during shift, and records shall be made.

(2) The measurement position of each shift must be in the same position (inner triangle or outer triangle).

(3) Each shift should decide how much electrode paste to install according to the height of electrode paste.

(4) The measuring personnel should be careful not to contact the two-phase electrodes at the same time to prevent electric shock.

(5) The measurement must be accurate.

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