Electrode paste leakage in the production of calcium carbide furnace

Preventive Measures for the Causes of Electrode Paste Leakage in the Production of Calcium Carbide Furnace

(1.) Accident phenomenon

1. There is yellow smoke from the electrode shield

2. The temperature of the water outlet cable of the conductive contact element becomes higher

(2.) The cause of the accident

1. The contact surface and the electrode barrel are red or there is obvious stabbing phenomenon

2. There are burrs or not clean on the surface of the electrode cylinder or ribs

3. Stabbing fire due to low pressure on the spring assembly

4. The welding quality of the electrode barrel is poor, and the polishing is not smooth

Electrode paste leakage in the production of calcium carbide furnace

(3.) Incident handling methods

1. Power outage immediately

2. Disassemble the protective screen and check, the upper part is leaked and welded, and the lower part is blocked with salt wool, and press and put it under the bottom ring at one time

(4.) Accident prevention measures

1. Strengthen the detection of the water outlet temperature of the conductive contact element of the electrode. When the temperature becomes high, find out the cause and deal with it in time.

2. Strictly check the manufacturing quality of electrode cartridges, clean up burrs and unclean substances to prevent fires

3. Ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the contact elements

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