Electrode paste production and manufacturing raw materials

Carbon is the main component of electrode paste.

Carbon has the following properties that make it the base material for electrode pastes:

(1) Withstand the continuous high temperature that is essential at the technical level of the industry:

(2) The oxidizing substance is air;

(3) Good electrical conductivity;

(4) It is not easy to react with many chemical substances.

The raw materials used to produce electrode paste are divided into the following two categories.

(1) solid carbon raw materials (anthracite, petroleum coke and artificial graphite, etc.);

(2) binder (asphalt, and coal tar).

Here it should be emphasized that the raw material used for binder, after roasting, should be able to change into strong coke steel, coking, the formation of the whole self-firing electrode.

The indexes of each factory are regarded as the manufacturer’s factory standard, but it is not enough to determine the good or bad quality of electrode paste only by knowing the amount of ash and volatile.

In order to test whether the quality of electrode paste product meets the standard, only the sample is sintered in the laboratory and tested for mechanical strength, resistivity and porosity, etc., can it meet the quality testing standard of electrode paste product.

However, because of this detection method, it takes a long time from sampling to obtaining detection results, and the efficiency is slow.

Therefore, the manufacturing plant is only used as a reference indicator, but it is also an important indicator.

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