Emergency plan for electrode accident of calcium carbide furnace

Electrode hard break 1. Phenomenon 1. The current suddenly drops and then rises, but it will not rise to the original position. 2. The temperature of furnace gas rises suddenly. 3. The electric arc sound produced by the electric furnace is abnormal.

2、 Reason

1. Improper storage of electrode paste leads to high ash content and poor adhesion.

2. The electrode cooling rate is high during shutdown.

3. The electrode paste above the conductive contact element is overheated, and solids precipitate, resulting in electrical stratification.

4. As the electrode enters the charge part with a slight taper, when the electrode is lowered, the electrode, the hard shell and the charge produce a great mechanical force.

5. After a long power failure, the load increases.

3、 Treatment method

1. Power off immediately.

2. The broken end is small, that is, the broken electrode is below the material level, the length of the residual electrode can work, and the broken end can be pressed into the furnace to continue power transmission.

3. The broken end of the electrode is large, that is, the broken electrode is above the material level, and the working end cannot work. The broken end must be taken out after blasting with explosives. Properly press and release the electrode, and try to increase the working end of the electrode by improving the pressure release rate rather than long-distance pressure release.

4. The broken electrode is roasted with single-phase electrode.

Emergency plan for electrode accident of calcium carbide furnace

4、 Preventive measures

1. Control the quality of electrode paste into the factory to ensure that the quality of electrode paste meets the requirements; Keep the electrode paste properly to prevent dust from entering.

2. Try to avoid continuous furnace shutdown for more than 3 hours to prevent electrode oxidation.

3. Keep the height of the electrode paste 4.5m above the contact element, and let the electrode paste roast continuously to prevent overheating.

4. During the shutdown period, the electrode should be moved up and down in time to prevent the electrode from bonding with the furnace charge; Try to avoid raising the electrode by a large margin, prevent the falling position of the electrode from being blocked by material collapse, and increase the resistance of electric 1 to fall.

5. After long-term power failure, the load shall be increased slowly, and the start-up operation procedures shall be strictly implemented.

6. Pay attention to the difference between it and material collapse to prevent misjudgment. 2. Electrode soft break 1. Phenomenon 1. The current suddenly rises, and the voltage between electrode and furnace bottom drops to “0”. 2. The outlet temperature of furnace gas and H2 content increase. 3. The electrode cylinder emits a lot of black smoke. 4. The furnace gas pressure suddenly increases and the explosion-proof hole is opened.

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