Experience summary of graphite electrode breaking

(1) Material collapse, resonance, non-standard clamping operation, abnormal condition of electrode regulator, hydraulic driving mechanism of electrode regulator, improper control measures of internal quality of electrode and other factors can cause electrode breakage of electric furnace.

(2) By taking corresponding technical and management measures for the distribution structure, electrode clamping, no-load voltage of secondary short network, non-conductive objects, secondary current, braking force of electrode hydraulic driving mechanism and system delay coefficient, the electrode breaking phenomenon can be significantly improved.

(3) It is one-sided to judge the quality of the electrode (joint) based on the physicochemical index of the electrode (joint). It is necessary to fully consider the matching of the products of the factory with the smelting process, furnace structure, smelting steel grade and other comprehensive factors of different customers, and establish a scientific and reasonable electrode production and technical use scheme.

Experience summary of graphite electrode breaking

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