Graphite electrode uses

Being hard and brittle, artificial graphite electrode shall be specially handled. Proper operation may reduce the consumption and cost.

Regardless of the UHP graphite electrode and HP graphite electrode with high flexural strength, or the RP graphite electrode with lower flexural strength, you should pay attention to the operation when using it to avoid production accidents when using electric arc furnace steelmaking.

Graphite electrode uses
Ultra-high power graphite electrode
Graphite electrode uses

High power graphite electrode

Graphite electrode uses
Regular power graphite electrodes

1. Use special hoist tools to hoist graphite electrode. It is t strictly forbidden to prize electrode ends up with crowbar It must be handled with great care during transportatior to avoid damage.

2. Graphite electrode must be kept away from being moistened or wetted by rain.snow and water,and must be kept dry.It must be dried in the furnace before use.The drying temperature in the furnace shall be less then 100℃C.The drying period shall be not less than 48 hours.
3. Not to be stored up near clay, slag etc to avoid surface pollution and increasing resistivity.

4. Carefully checking before connection, make sure that the socked and nipple thread is not damaged, nipple pitch plug is in. Nipple screw shall not be damaged during lifting.

5. Blow the nipple and socket threads with compressed air.

6. Graphite electrode must be connected and contacted closely and straightly. Use moment spanner for connecting electrode with suitable force. The gap between electrodes shall less than 0.4mm.

7. The holding device must hold the electrode tightly, good contact and no arc.Othervise,the connecting area will get red and oxidized and thin, leading breakage.

8. Threaded portion of nipple socket shall not be damaged during hoisting by metal plug. Hoisting plug shall spin out and keep nipple socket clean.

9. Lifting device of electrode must move stably when moving electrode. carefully check the position of the furnace cover after being repaired. To seal the cover with refractory to prevent up electrode from being oxidized by fire.

10. The holding device of electrode shall hold the electrode beyond the socket area.

11. For charging the furnace, the large scrap should be put at the bottom, the small one on the top. Charge material with low electric conductivity shall not been put on the top. In the course of melting.un-melted material shall be taken in time to avoid electrode breaking by falling material.

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