How long can the refractory castable be used after being evenly mixed?

Refractory castables have gradually developed in the market due to their advantages such as convenient construction, low price and good fire resistance. Regarding the various problems of the use of castables, everyone will gradually encounter them.

Simply put, the key points of refractory castable construction technology. The stirred refractory castable should be poured within 30 minutes, or within the specified time according to the requirements of the construction instructions. Castables that have been initially set shall not be used. Refractory castable is a kind of aggregate, powder, and binder. It is a hydraulic material. It should be used within the specified time after adding water and stirring. The specific use time should be based on the supplier’s pouring The type and material of the material shall be operated in accordance with the construction and use instructions of the supplier.

Pouring materials should be stored in a covered warehouse, free from rain or moisture, and the shelf life is five months. During the construction of the castable, the expansion joints should be strictly controlled in accordance with the specifications and specified in accordance with the expansion joint coefficient. Use linoleum paper or rock wool to leave expansion joints on the brick surface in contact with the castable. During construction, a forced mixer should be used to stir the material, and manual shovel should not be used for stirring. Mixed use of castables of different grades is strictly prohibited. When using, pour all the materials in the whole bag (including big bags of aggregates and small bags of powder) into the mixer. There must be no leftovers, and part of them cannot be taken out for use.

It is recommended that the environmental temperature of the injection construction is 10 degrees to 30 degrees. During summer construction, it is strictly forbidden to put the castable in the open air, and should be placed in a cool place. The construction site should be shaded, and the mixing water temperature should not be higher than 20 degrees. During winter construction, when the ambient temperature is lower than 5 degrees, warm water should be used for stirring. After construction, appropriate insulation measures should be taken to keep the ambient temperature above 5 degrees, and the demoulding time should not be less than 48 hours. When the construction environment temperature is lower than -5 degrees, construction is strictly prohibited.

After adding water, the stirring time is 2~3 minutes, it should be stirred evenly, and there should be no entrainment and agglomeration of dry materials. The mixed material should be used up within 30 minutes. The coagulated material can not be mixed with water and should be thrown away. The height of one filling in the template shall not exceed 30cm. The material should be spread evenly after being loaded into the template. The vibrating rod should be inserted straight, fast inserted and slowly pulled out, and the insertion depth is 10cm to the next lining to ensure the connection of the upper and lower linings. The time of each vibrating should be the reflow of the material surface. , Demoulding 24 hours after pouring, natural curing for 24 hours after demolding.

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