How many kinds of wear-resistant plastics refractory?

How many kinds of wear-resistant plastics refractory?

The wear-resistant amorphous materials include wear-resistant plastics, refractory wear-resistant plastics, corundum wear-resistant refractory plastics, and corundum wear-resistant plastics. These types of plastic materials are different, the use parts are also different, and the use temperature is also different.

The wear-resistant plastic is made of a kind of high-aluminum granular aggregate, adhesive, hardening accelerator and bonding agent. Simple construction and strong plasticity. It can be directly poured or used as a prefabricated block using the tapping method. It is suitable for use in small quantity and high temperature areas, such as the bottom air chamber of the boiler, the material legs, the return device, the return pipe, the tail flue furnace wall, the slag cooler, and the doors of the tail flue. The shelf life is about two to three months.

Refractory and wear-resistant plastics are made of high alumina bauxite clinker, corundum, mullite and silicon carbide as aggregates. The binder is stirred with phosphoric acid and has super wear resistance. The wear-resistant layer after construction has high strength and wear resistance, and is mostly used in boiler furnaces. The construction method can be constructed by ramming. Lay it on the required part first, the staggered seams are close to the ramming, and the whole area will be rammed 3 times with a pneumatic hammer or a hand hammer during construction. The thickness is generally 50mm. Too thick will cause layering. It is suitable for the construction of parts with thin thickness such as the water-cooled wall of the furnace, and is mainly used in the dense phase area of the furnace and the steam-cooled and water-cooled cyclone separators.

The raw materials of corundum wear-resistant and refractory plastics are composed of high-alumina homogeneous material, alumina powder, silica powder, clay, phosphoric acid, aluminum dihydrogen phosphate solution and pure calcium aluminate cement. The content of AL2O3 is 70~90%. It is characterized by low water absorption and high wear resistance.

Silicon carbide corundum wear-resistant and refractory plastic is a kind of advanced refractory material. It has excellent abrasion resistance, super adhesion and higher service temperature. The construction method can be smeared and rammed, and the silicon carbide wear-resistant and refractory plastic can be used for refractory parts such as circulating fluidized bed guard belts, cyclones, and heat radiation materials. It can be ignited immediately after construction, no special maintenance is required, it can shorten the construction period, save costs, and is most suitable for repairing the lining.

Therefore, these types of plastics are roughly the same from the surface of the text. They belong to the plastics series, but the internal quality is different. Different grades of high-aluminum materials, homogenizing materials, adding corundum or silicon carbide appear in the price. There is also a big difference in the above, the use is based on the temperature and wear resistance of the used part.

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