How many types of the bonding methods about refractory casta

How many types of the bonding methods about refractory castable binder?

Refractory castables can be combined in the following ways:

1. Hydration binding – binding occurs by means of hydration reaction between binder and water at room temperature to produce hydration products.

2. Chemical bonding takes place by means of a chemical reaction between a binder and a hardener, or between a binder and a refractory castable at room temperature, Or when heated, a chemical reaction occurs to form a compound with the function of a binder, resulting in binding.

3. Polymerization bonding – by adding catalyst or crosslinking agent, the bond is polycondensated to form a network structure to produce bonding strength

4. Ceramic bonding – refers to low temperature sintering bonding, that is, additives or metal powders that can reduce the sintering temperature are added to the bulk refractory castable to greatly reduce the liquid phase temperature and promote the solid-liquid reaction at low temperature to produce low-temperature sintering bonding.

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