How To Construct Refractory Bricks In Winter

How To Construct Refractory Bricks In Winter

1. Winter construction technical measures shall be taken for winter construction. The working environment of refractory bricks shall be sealed, windproof, heated and insulated, and the lining temperature shall be maintained above + 5 ℃ after masonry.

2. During construction in winter, dry materials shall be stored in the heating room and mixed with hot water. The temperature of the mixed material shall be maintained above 10 ℃. Chemical coagulants or antifreezes shall not be added.

3. During construction in the furnace in winter, the thermal insulation layer shall be made first to improve the anti freezing capacity of the refractory layer.

4. After the completion of refractory brick construction, the masonry shall be covered with plastic cloth, and then tightly covered with hay. For new kilns, the holding time shall not be less than 10 days. Bricks shall not be exposed to cold air.

5. Construction in rainy days shall be transferred to indoor operation. All materials, means of transport, workplaces and refractory brick masonry shall be rainproof.

6. Unfinished buildings shall be roofed, plugged with holes and blocked with leakage. The upper hollow part of the completed furnace should be closed. The finished prefabricated components of the floor slab shall be padded and covered, and it is strictly prohibited to soak in water.

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