How to deal with the residues in the production of silicon carbide products?

In the process of production and use of silicon carbide products, residues are still easily generated, so it will directly affect the use effect.

1. By acid treatment.

When cleaning the residues of silicon carbide products, it is still necessary to pay attention to the method of acid treatment. This treatment method can easily clean the residues, and the operation steps are relatively simple, that is, when the temperature is high, the silicon carbide It is to directly fuse with silicon carbide through hydrochloric acid, so that it reacts with iron in silicon carbide, so that the residue can be directly removed and the problem of residue in the product can be solved.

2. By alkali treatment.

Another method is also worthy of understanding by enterprise users, that is, the waste residue is treated by alkali treatment. Therefore, when processing silicon carbide products, the product can be directly fused with the sodium hydroxide solution of the product, and this method can directly remove part of the product. Dispersing the silicon surface also allows residues to directly increase their constituents during the cleaning process.

If residues are found, use the correct method to clean the product. Therefore, no matter whether acid treatment or alkali treatment are used, the residue in silicon carbide products can be directly treated, so that the purity of the product can be further improved. At the same time, it can also ensure that the product performance plays a key role.

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