Introduction and classification of flake graphite

Flake graphite is a natural crystalline graphite. It is in the shape of fish phosphorus and belongs to the hexagonal crystal system. It has a layered structure and has good high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubrication, plasticity and acid and alkali resistance.

According to the scale size, the scale graphite can be divided into large scale graphite and fine scale graphite. Large scale graphite refers to + 50 mesh, + 80 mesh and + 100 mesh scale graphite. The scale graphite below these mesh numbers is called fine scale graphite.

According to the different fixed carbon content, flake graphite can be divided into high-purity graphite, high-carbon graphite, medium carbon graphite and low-carbon graphite. Flake graphite with different carbon content can produce different downstream products and have different applications.

Introduction and classification of flake graphite

The application of flake graphite as mineral material must be processed by separation and purification. Generally, the flotation process is adopted, and the process includes raw ore crushing, wet rough grinding, rough separation, rough concentrate regrinding and re separation, cleaning, dehydration and drying, grading and packaging. The new flotation processes of flake graphite in recent years include ultrasonic enhanced flotation process, rapid flotation process, graded flotation process, and non spectral collector flotation process.

The scale graphite has a special structure. The larger the scale, the higher the carbon content, and the greater its value. Therefore, the large scale of graphite must be protected from damage during the grinding and dressing process of graphite. The protection of large scale graphite generally adopts new separation processes, such as stage grinding stage separation, rapid flotation, multi-stage grinding stage flotation ultrasonic enhanced scale graphite flotation, mixed mesh rough separation stage grinding flotation, etc. the protection principle is basically the same, which not only shortens the separation process, separates large scale graphite in advance and quickly, but also prevents the scale from being damaged in the process of regrinding and reselection.

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