Iron tapping and pouring of electrode paste smelted products

Rongxin Carbon not only focuses on the manufacture of electrode paste, but also has deep research on the smelting of ferroalloys including nickel-iron alloys.

  1. Furnace front equipment

1.1. The burn-through device or plug-opening machine should be in good working condition.

1.2.8-16 ingot molds, 3-4 plugging rakes and 2 mud ball shovel.

1.3. 1 iron hammer, 1 drill, 2 sample spoons, and several mud balls.

Iron tapping and pouring of electrode paste smelted products

  2. Operation in front of the furnace

2.1. The electric furnace is operating normally. The number of tapping of the 12.5MVA electric furnace is four furnaces per shift, and each tapping time is about 10-20 minutes, but the tapping time of the new tap hole is allowed to increase by 10 minutes.

2.2. After each shift, you must prepare enough mud balls, iron rods, plugging rakes of appropriate size, shovel, slag rake, and tapping ladle and slag tank for your shift.

2.3. Before tapping, check whether the tap ladle and slag pot are dry and intact, and whether the tools in front of the furnace are complete and undamaged.

2.4. Tap: According to the difficulty of opening the furnace eye, the tap hole can be opened by iron rod piercing, burning through device or oxygen burning. No matter which method is used, the eye must be opened from the upper part of the tap hole, but try not to open the tap hole. Open your eyes with oxygen.

2.5. After the slag iron is drained, plug the eye in time, and then clean the tap hole residue. In case of eye burn, both the inside and outside mouth should be considered. Artificial eye plugging requires deep plugging of the eye, with a margin of more than 200mm. Manually check to confirm after plugging the eye.

2.6. Two-step slagging method is adopted to reduce metal loss as much as possible.

2.7. After the slagging is finished, pouring is carried out, and the pouring speed should be controlled to reduce splashing and less bag hanging.

2.8. In order to prevent molten iron from burning out the ingot mold during pouring, shim-shaped finished nickel-iron is laid at the pouring point.

2.9. When using a dual-phase burn-through device to plug the eyes, pay attention that the two-phase burn-through device must not touch the baffle at the same time. It must be closed and then set up with an iron rod to prevent short-distance arc burns.

  3. Finishing

3.1. Finished storage according to the grade, and its granularity conforms to the contract requirements.

3.2. The alloy in the warehouse must be free of non-metallic inclusions on the surface.

3.3. In the process of iron casting and alloy finishing and storage, careful operations must be performed to prevent impurities from being mixed into the alloy.

Rongxin Carbon Electrode Paste has an annual output of 200,000 tons. Our electrode paste is sold well in more than 10 provinces and 7 countries in China.

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