Maintenance of electrode paste main submerged arc furnace

Equipment maintenance of main submerged arc furnace for silico-manganese alloy smelting electrode paste

1. Before taking over, thoroughly inspect the operation of various equipment, and promptly raise the problem to the superior and deal with it in time.

2. Frequently beat the material tube to prevent the material tube from being blocked.

3. The water-cooling system is unimpeded, and the return water temperature does not exceed 60. The electrode pressure and discharge system should check whether there are any problems with the equipment and the electrode shell, and deal with the problems in time.

4. Regularly check the metal and iron components for leakage, and deal with the problems in time.

5. When the dust removal equipment is put into use, the dust removal equipment staff is responsible for the close cooperation between the main body of the electrical storage and the dust removal equipment.

6. In the process of gas purification, strictly implement the “Gas Operation Regulations”, cooperate with the gas group, and notify the gas staff on duty to adjust the suction of the fan at any time to ensure the slightly positive pressure operation of the furnace.

Maintenance of electrode paste main submerged arc furnace

7. Judgment of closed furnace conditions. According to the raw materials, electrode position, slag basicity, slag amount, alloy composition, changes in furnace pressure, etc., comprehensive analysis and judgment of the treatment and smelting process. For example:

7.1 The pressure at the outlet of the furnace fluctuates, and the temperature of the furnace cover rises locally, indicating that the inside of the furnace is turning over or stabbing fire.

7.2 The outlet pressure of the furnace gas increases, the temperature of the furnace cover does not rise, and the fluctuation of the electrode indicates that the wine is turned in the furnace

7.3 The gas outlet pressure increases, the temperature of the furnace cover rises, flames are sprayed, and the primary current drops, indicating that there is a collapse in the furnace.

7.4 When the raw material temperature does not change significantly, the hydrogen content in the gas composition increases, indicating that the equipment in the furnace is leaking, and the power should be cut off immediately; if the oxygen content in the gas increases, it means that the seal is not good, and the seal should be properly sealed.

7.5 If the cooling water flow is found to be small, check the water pressure and whether the pipeline is blocked or not, and deal with it in time.

7.6 Frequently check the size of the water flow in the dust storage tank, and often remove large debris. When cleaning the dust box, first notify the gas group to stop the purification, open the water seal after changing the license, and after the removal is completed, the water seal can be put into the purification.

There are 500 electrode paste production enterprises nationwide. Among so many electrode paste production factories, why does Rongxin Carbon do better in terms of production scale and reputation?

This starts with the product layout of Rongxin Carbon. Since 1992, Rongxin Carbon has been producing forged petroleum coke as its main business. In 2006, the company put into production the electrode paste project. The production of electrode paste requires a lot of heat. Electrode paste companies with an annual output of 200,000 tons will invest at least RMB 8 million a year in heat generation. Rongxin Carbon can release a large amount of heat because of its calcined coke production line, which is transferred to the electrode paste production line through heat transfer oil. The electrode paste production line reduces the investment in heat. Rongxin Carbon electrode paste not only reduces the cost, but also guarantees the quality to a greater extent. In this case, our company’s electrode paste products can maintain a very high cost performance.

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