Masonry of cold ramming furnace lining

Cold mashed masonry method: The furnace shell has no asbestos board and elastic layer. The bottom and shell of the furnace are beaten with cold mash.

Features of 12.5MVA electric furnace cold ramming lining furnace opening:

The bottom of the furnace is laid with iron concentrate, scrap steel, and ferrosilicon as a protective layer of dead iron.

Wood oven 4 hours, coke oven 44 hours, electric oven 36 hours.

The 12500KVA electric furnace adopts spray and bottom fan for cooling.

Masonry of cold ramming furnace lining

Boiler shutdown operation for large and medium repairs

1. Lengthen the working end of the electrode. This work is carried out three days before the furnace is washed. Make the electrode working end reach 1800-2000mm before washing the furnace.

2. Do not mix ingredients in a shift before the power failure, and reduce the material level.

3. When the furnace charge drops below the material tube shutter, close the shutter and seal it with white ash to prevent the equipment from being damaged by the fire.

4. In the event of a power failure, the large and small silos should be empty. In order to change the material in time when starting the furnace and prevent the material from freezing in the warehouse in winter from affecting the furnace starting.

5. In the event of a power outage of a large or medium repair furnace, you should contact the electrode paste worker three days in advance, and deal with matters such as electrode suspension before the power outage.

6. When repairing the furnace, close the observation door, explosion-proof holes, and flue flaps after power failure to allow the furnace to cool down slowly to prevent the electrode from being hard broken when the furnace is turned on (about three days).

7. After the power failure, the water flow of all the cooling systems of the electric furnace is unobstructed (the water volume of the copper tile depends on the situation at the time).

8. Do the antifreeze work of the cooling system in winter. The water in the system should be discharged and cleaned. If it cannot be discharged, ensure that the water flows smoothly. The main valve must be insulated.

9. If the tapholes are to be repaired, the tapholes on both sides should be expanded as much as possible before the power outage to create conditions for the repairs.

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