Matters needing attention in adding time of recarburizer

Matters needing attention in adding time of recarburizer

Recarburizers have certain applications in the manufacturing industry. The addition of recarburizers during ironmaking can reasonably improve the strength and wear resistance of stainless steel sheets.

However, the time for adding the recarburizer is not negligible.

If the recarburizer is added too early, it will adhere to the periphery of the furnace bottom, and the recarburizer adhering to the furnace wall will not be easily incorporated into iron; on the contrary, if the recarburizer is added too late, the opportunity for recarburization will be lost, leading to smelting , The time to raise the temperature is slow.

This not only increases the time for element detection and adjustment, but also causes damage caused by excessively high temperature of non-ferrous metals. Therefore, adding the recarburizer little by little during the whole process of adding the metal material to the furnace waste, the actual effect will be stronger.

When adding too much at one time, the actual operation of the molten iron over temperature selected in the intermediate frequency induction furnace can be considered to ensure that the digestion and absorption time of the recarburizer in the molten iron is 10 minutes. On the one hand, according to electromagnetic induction, the recarburizer is sufficiently diffused and absorbed to ensure the actual effect of digestion and absorption. On the other hand, it can reduce the amount of middle nitrogen brought by the recarburizer.

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