Microcrystalline Fused Alumina

Microcrystalline Fused Alumina

Introduction to microcrystalline corundum:

Microlite corundum used raw materials and smelting method and brown fused alumina basic same, with bauxite as main raw materials, by high temperature melting, secure, by rapid cooling way of crystallization in boiler stop immediately after the liquid into the branches within the mold by the method of exile or dumping of rapid cooling (generally within 30 minutes), and thus get fine crystallization.In the smelting process of microcrystalline corundum, the reduction degree of impurities is poor, Al2O3 content is 94~96%, crystal size is generally 80~300 micron, crystal account for 57~85%, the maximum crystal size is not more than 400~600 micron.

Parameters of microcrystalline corundum:

The main chemical composition % Al2O3 TiO2 abrasives F 4# — 80# 94.0-96.5 2.0-4.5 90# — 150# 93.0-96.0 180# — 240# 92.0-96.0P8# — 80# 94.0-96.5 2.0-4.5 100# — 150# 93.0-96.0 180# — 220# 92.0-96.0 Note: F is for consolidation abrasive and sand blasting specifications P is for coated abrasive specifications Performance:Microcrystalline corundum physical performance indicators: Color crystal shape Tripartite system hardness (Mohs) ≥9.0 melting point (℃) 2050 linear expansion coefficient (0-1600 ℃) 7-9.

Scope of application:

1. Grinding 2. Sandpaper, grinding wheel

Uses of microcrystalline corundum:

It has the characteristics of high strength and toughness.Suitable for heavy load grinding, can grind stainless steel, carbon steel, bearing steel and special nodular cast iron and other materials, because the abrasive particles in the grinding process is micro edge broken state, also used for precision grinding and even mirror grinding.

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