Raw material ratio of silico-manganese electrode paste

The raw material ratio of manganese ore and silica in the application of silico-manganese electrode paste

In the silico-manganese alloy production process, the quality of the electrode paste is certainly important, but if the finished alloy is to be shipped according to the expected output and quality, the ratio of various raw materials is also very particular. What we are going to discuss today is not the use of electrode paste, but the ratio of raw materials during the electrode paste firing process.

1.1. The ratio of raw materials is calculated by the furnace technician according to the condition of the raw materials and in accordance with the requirements of the recent contract. According to the furnace condition and alloy composition changes, the furnace technician has the right to change the material ratio. When each raw material is adjusted within the range of 50kg, there is no need to fill in the material ratio calculation sheet. When it exceeds the 50kg range, the material ratio calculation sheet must be filled in.

Raw material ratio of silico-manganese electrode paste

1.2. It is required that all kinds of raw materials are accurately weighed, and the error of each raw material in a batch of materials does not exceed ±2kg.

1.3. When the ingredient ratio changes, the monitor must receive the change notice from the furnace head or the furnace technician before changing the material.

1.4. The small silo of the batching platform is required to be full at the time of shift.

1.5. The batching workers should pay attention to the changes of raw materials, and report the situation to the monitor in time when problems are found.

1.6. In order to mix the raw materials uniformly, they should be prepared in the following order: coke, silica, manganese ore, manganese slag.

1.7. According to changes in furnace conditions, the smelting team leader has the right to adjust the material ratio within ±10kg of each raw material. When changing materials, send the change list signed by the monitor to the batching library and make a record. If you change materials beyond the authority, you must ask the furnace manager, stove technician or duty supervisor for approval.

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