Reasons for premature sintering of electrode paste

Electrode paste is also called self-baking electrode. It is calcined by the heat in the submerged arc furnace. Therefore, matching the consumption speed of the electrode with the baking speed is the key to the use of the electrode paste.

Due to the development of submerged arc furnace technology, the direction of large-scale and airtight development is gradually developed. During the baking process of the electrode, the more conductive heat and the reduction of radiant heat obtained from the open furnace type in the past are only conductive heat. Therefore, the electrode is from The heat obtained in the furnace is greatly reduced, which requires the improvement of the sintering performance of the electrode paste to make up for this deficiency.

The main reasons for the premature sintering of the electrode paste are the following aspects:

1. The copper tile has less cooling water and insufficient cooling.

2. The gate of the electrode cooling fan is opened too small.

3. Poor contact between the copper tile and the electrode causes arcing and speeds up sintering.

4. The electrode paste column is low.

5. The electrode paste softens prematurely, and the electrode paste has a low softening point and volatile content is eliminated in advance, and delamination can accelerate the sintering.

6. The furnace condition is abnormal and the temperature of the furnace mouth is high.

7. The time interval of electrode lowering is too long.

Reasons for premature sintering of electrode paste

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