Refractories for converters

Refractories for converters

Magnesia carbon bricks for converters.

Impact area repair material (large fabric): fused magnesia, sintered magnesia + asphalt + binder.

Trunnion gunning material: magnesia + slaked lime + water, high-pressure air gunning, one for several furnaces.

Tap repair material: magnesia + resin.

Magnesium ramming material for furnace mouth: magnesia + chrome green.

Refractories for electric furnaces

Electric furnace cover: high alumina, mullite, corundum, chromium corundum castable.

Main furnace wall of electric furnace: directly combined with magnesia chrome bricks, pre-reacted magnesia chrome bricks and magnesia bricks

Slag lines and hot spots: oil-immersed magnesia bricks, direct bonded magnesia chrome bricks, fused cast magnesia chrome bricks, magnesia carbon bricks

Furnace bottom insulation layer: a layer of asbestos board, topped with diatomaceous earth powder, and flat-lay insulation bricks on top

Permanent floor of the furnace bottom: staggered masonry such as fired magnesia bricks, asphalt combined with magnesia bricks, etc.

Furnace bottom working layer: knotted furnace bottom: magnesia + asphalt, tar, magnesia-calcium iron sand; masonry furnace bottom: asphalt combined with magnesia bricks, brine combined with magnesia bricks

Steel tap: high-strength magnesia carbon brick, Al2O3-SiC-C brick

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