Refractory Brick Features

The Various features or characteristics of the refractory or fire brick are as follows

· Chemical Composition – The major elements determine the quality and characteristics of the refractory.

· The Bulk Density – Unit volume weight, density is large, demonstrating good density, strength may be high, but the thermal conductivity may be enormous.

· Apparent Porosity – They did not do particular requirements, but as a manufacturer must rigidly restraint the sensible porosity.

· Load Softening Temperature – It is also known as high-temperature load started up to deformation temperature, this parameter is incredibly significant, marking the high-temperature resistance of materials.

· Thermal Shock Resistance – The ability to resist sudden differences in temperature without being demolished.

· Compressive Strength – The ultimate pressure capability to withstand (ambient temperature).

· Bending Strength – The capacity to withstand shear pressure.

· The Linear Rate Of Change – It is also called a “burn line change”, or “residual line change”, which implies that each time under the similar temperature in the volume of expansion and contraction differences, and if every expansion contraction is the same, we define such a linear rate of difference of 0.

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