Refractory Material used in FeSi Furnace 03

Silicon-manganese alloy is composed of manganese, silicon, iron, carbon and other elements of the alloy, is widely used, large output of electric furnace ferroalloy varieties, its output in the ferroalloy products accounted for the second.In the process of smelting silicon manganese alloy, its most important thermal technology equipment when -arc furnace, mineral hot furnace is mainly composed of furnace shell and the furnace lining, furnace for steel shell, shell lining for refractory masonry, the refractory clay brick, carbon brick, silicon carbide, electrode paste, heat insulation materials: asbestos board, asbestos rope, clay grain, slag cotton.

The requirements for furnace building materials are as follows:

1. It has high refractoriness, and its shape and volume do not change greatly at high temperature.

2, at high temperature, it has enough mechanical strength, good slag resistance and high chemical stability at high temperature.

3, with low electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, heat insulation and heat preservation)

4, had a higher oxidation resistance at high temperature

5, refractory brick size accurate, deformation is not big, no holes or cracks, shape edge Angle, moved with care, proper storage and preservation, avoid to be affected with damp be affected with damp

6, all kinds of refractory materials keep clean and tidy, no sticky dust, dirt and grease

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