Rongxin Group Stable supply and demand of electrode paste

Jilin Province has a temperate continental monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons, rain and heat in the same season. Summer is hot and rainy, and winter is cold and dry. [2] Jilin is an important industrial base, a strong education province, and a strong agriculture province in China. The processing and manufacturing industries are relatively developed. Automobiles and petrochemicals, agricultural products processing, and commercial satellites are the pillar industries. Aerospace industry equipment manufacturing, optoelectronics information, medicine, and metallurgy Building materials, light industry and textiles have their own advantages and characteristics.

Jilin Province governs Changchun (sub-provincial city, provincial capital), Jilin City (larger city, former provincial capital), Siping, Songyuan, Baicheng, Liaoyuan, Tonghua, Baishan and Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. In addition, it directly manages the two county-level cities of Meihekou and Gongzhuling.

Rongxin Group Stable supply and demand of electrode paste

Analyze the reasons for the increase in the price of carbon products, mainly because of the state’s control of pollution problems. In the past, due to the extensive method, some carbon companies had the problem of small chaos, pollutant discharge did not meet the standard, and the quality of the finished product was low. After the environmental protection department has taken care of these companies, although the pollution problem has been greatly reduced, the reduction of most of the production capacity has caused the price of products to soar. Moreover, the issue of environmental protection is not a problem of one family or two families, but a systemic problem as a whole. The price increase is not only for carbon raw materials, but also for finished metal products and metal products. If things go on like this, it will inevitably affect the global influence of Chinese manufacturing.

Rongxin Carbon has complete environmental protection equipment, with an annual output of 200,000 tons of electrode paste and 250,000 tons of calcined coke.

Rongxin Carbon Electrode Paste has a complete range of models, which can meet the use of various types of submerged arc furnaces.

Various models of Rongxin Carbon Electrode Paste are complete

In the past six months, the price of residual anodes in aluminum plants has soared from 1,400 to 2,600, and other carbon raw materials such as electric forged coal, ordinary calcined coal, pitch, and tar have also soared across the board. In order to ensure the quality and the long-term development of the company, the price of Rongxin carbon electrode paste products has increased by 300 yuan on the basis of the price of raw materials.

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