Rx-33 iron and steel heating anti-oxidation coating

Rongxin-33 iron and steel heating anti-oxidation coating

Product features :

1, it is a water-based protective agent, non-toxic, no smell, no pollution to the environment.

2. Forming a protective film on the surface of the workpiece, which has obvious effect of preventing decarbonization.

3. Insoluble with the quench medium, the falling film sinks into the lower part of the medium tank, and can be cleaned regularly, so the quench medium composition does not have an impact.

4, easy to use, easy to master the operator, low labor intensity, easy storage and transportation.

5, suitable for a variety of heating equipment.  Cycle heating furnace, continuous heating furnace, the same effect.

6, Rongxin carbon Group -33 steel heating anti-oxidation coating is applicable to a wide range of steel.


1. Specific gravity: 2.2-2.4

2. Applicable temperature: 800-1200℃

3. Oxidation resistance: oxidation weight gain of 45# steel was reduced to 1/170 after being treated at 1000℃ for 4 hours, and to 1/13 after being treated at 1200℃ for 1 hour.

4. Anti-decarbonization: 40Cr Ni MoA treated at 1200℃ for 1 hour, decarbonization depth <0.1 mm, 45# steel treated at 1000℃ for 4 hours, decarbonization depth <0.015 mm.

5. Self-stripping: self-stripping, sandblasting, lye cleaning.

6. Validity: one year

7. This product is not dangerous goods.

8. The products meet the professional standards of the People’s Republic of China.


Some carbon steel, alloy steel heat treatment oxidation resistance, anti-decarbonization protection.

Oxidation resistance and decarbonization protection of hot forging and hot rolled parts.

High temperature anti-carburizing protection of water-cooled furnace wall members in steelmaking blast furnace and electric arc furnace.

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