Self-baking electrode extension

The firing and consumption of the self-baking electrode is continuous. The addition of electrode paste should be compatible with the consumption of electrodes. Maintain the height of the electrode paste column, so that the electrode paste of the electrode firing belt has a certain pressure, so as to increase the density of the liquid electrode paste, thereby increasing the strength of the fired electrode. Figure 1 shows the relationship between the height of the electrode paste column and the electrode diameter. In actual operation, the electrode paste column can be lower in winter and slightly higher in summer. When the volatile matter escapes from the electrode paste, it will solidify in the upper low temperature section of the paste column, increasing the fluidity of the upper electrode paste, and leading to segregation of the electrode paste. If the paste column is too high, segregation is likely to occur, and it will also cause electrode paste suspension.

Figure 1 The relationship between the height of the electrode paste and the diameter of the electrode

Self-baking electrode extension

In the process of extending the electrode shell, care should be taken to ensure the verticality of the electrode. The seam of the steel plate of the electrode shell must be fully welded, and the welding seam should be continuous and dense, flat and even. The ribs should be welded firmly, and the upper and lower ribs should be welded together. At 1000°C, 50% of the current is borne by the electrode shell and ribs.

In order to maintain the length of the working end of the electrode, the electrode should be lowered at a certain time interval. During normal operation, the amount of electrode lowering should be equal to the electrode consumption. The height of the firing electrode at the copper tile part is only 150~200mm. In order to prevent electrode accidents, the lower electrode must be placed less frequently. The amount of electrode lowering should not be too large, usually about 20mm at a time.

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