Silicon Carbide Production Process

Silicon carbide production process is described as follows:

1. Raw materials are broken

Hammer crusher is used to crush petroleum coke to the required particle size.

⑵, ingredients and mixtures

Ingredients and mixtures are weighed and mixed in accordance with the prescribed formula. This project adopts a platform for batching and concrete mixer for mixing. According to technological requirements, oil coke and quartz sand are batched and mixed.

⑶, electric furnace preparation

Electric furnace preparation is the furnace used last time to repair, arrange, in order to put into use again. The operation content includes cleaning furnace bottom material, dressing electrode, cleaning furnace wall and repairing, loading force, 1 gear,

Check and eliminate other defects of furnace.

(4), furnace charging

Furnace loading is to fill the furnace with reactive materials, thermal insulation materials and furnace core materials according to the specified type, position and size of the furnace charge, and build the side wall of the melting furnace which has the function of thermal insulation and material storage.

Silicon Carbide Production Process

⑸, electric smelting

After the smelting furnace is connected with the transformer, electricity can be sent. 15min after power transmission, an open flame was used to ignite CO, and the smelting process lasted for 170h.

[6], cooling

After the smelting furnace stops, the natural cooling is carried out, and then the furnace is fired (the furnace wall is unloaded, the spent material is raked), and the natural cooling is continued.

⑺, oven classification

Oven classification is from the furnace to take off the crystal block, graphite, and the first grade, second grade, graphite and other separate process. This project adopts the method of out-furnace classification for discharging and classification. The crystal cylinder is manually split and transported to the grading field for manual classification.

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