Solid carbon raw material for electrode paste

1. Anthracite

Anthracite is the main part of the electrode paste. When the electrode is fired, it becomes the skeleton of the electrode, which is similar to the role played by pebbles in reinforced concrete.

The use of anthracite is not only because of its low price, but more importantly, the use of it can improve the quality of electrode paste. Anthracite is a dense, metallic black grease mineral. The difference between anthracite and other mineral coals is that it has high carbon content, high mechanical strength, and low volatile matter. Anthracite has only a small amount of ash and is evenly distributed in the carbon. Its ash is basically a thin layer and spot-like ore. substance.
2. Coke

Coke is one of the most important raw materials for manufacturing electrode paste, especially for the production of graphitized electrodes. The most valuable coke is low ash coke, sometimes called ashless coke, and its ash content does not exceed 1%. These cokes include petroleum coke and pitch coke. The first type is coke obtained by coking petroleum residue, and the second type is coke produced by processing coal pitch in a chemical coking industrial furnace. Petroleum coke, the solid carbon-containing product obtained by high-temperature treatment of petroleum residue is called petroleum coke.

Solid carbon raw material for electrode paste

3. Artificial graphite

According to research and practice, adding artificial graphite with an ash content of not more than 1% in the electrode paste can increase the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and thermal stability of the product.

Artificial graphite has the characteristic of being easy to adhere to hard surfaces. This characteristic forms a thin film as if a liquid is wetted on a solid surface. At the same time, it has a relatively large adsorption force for asphalt. This has its practical significance for use.

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