Solution for broken graphite electrode

The breakage of graphite electrode is partly due to the operation and control, but the quality of the electrode itself is also the decisive factor for the breakage of the electrode.

Internal quality reason of electrode

(1) The reason why the joint is broken is that the joint plays a key role in the electrode steelmaking. The quality of the joint is directly related to the use of the electrode in the electric furnace steelmaking. The connecting area formed by graphite electrode and joint is the part with large and complex electrical, thermal and mechanical loads, and also the part with common fracture. According to the relevant data, more than 80% of the electrode use accidents in the electric furnace steelmaking are caused by the joint breaking or loosening tripping. As far as the quality of the joint itself is concerned, there are mainly the following reasons for breaking: if the bulk density of the joint is low, the strength is generally low, and it is easy to break when used; The resistivity is high, and the temperature of the joint increases rapidly when the power is on, which will cause the thermal stress of the joint at the electrode connection to be large and the probability of breaking will be increased; The bending strength of the joint is not enough; The internal crack joint is mixed into the finished joint to form a major hidden danger; There is no reasonable match between the machining accuracy of the joint and the electrode, and it is easy to break.

Solution for broken graphite electrode

(2) The reason for electrode breaking is usually that the probability of electrode breaking is low. There are mainly the following reasons for electrode breaking: there are quality defects in electrode screw holes; The bulk density and strength of the electrode are insufficient; The electrode is not matched with the joint index and processing accuracy; The deep crack at the end of the electrode is caused by the poor thermal shock resistance of the electrode; In addition, the electrode with transverse cracks inside is mixed into the finished product and is not detected, so there is a great risk of breaking.

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