Technical indicators of electrode paste for submerged arc furnace

In the submerged arc furnace, the function of the continuous self-prepared electrode is to guide the electric energy from the transformer to the smelting area in the furnace to complete the smelting process. The continuous self-baking electrode is formed by softening and sintering the electrode paste into the electrode cylinder. In the operating cost of the submerged arc furnace, the proportion of electrode paste is very small, only about 2%, but it plays a vital role. The self-baking electrode is called the “heart” of the submerged arc furnace. The operation of the submerged arc furnace is almost all around to ensure the normal operation of the self-baking electrode.

In order to ensure that the self-baking electrode is always in good working condition, and no abnormal phenomena such as soft breaking, hard breaking, flow paste, excessive oxidation, turning around, cracking and breaking, etc., it is necessary to carefully operate the submerged arc furnace, such as according to the required procedures. For operations such as adding paste and lowering the electrode, the design of the electrode cylinder and the ribs should be reasonable, and the electrodes should be maintained when the furnace is shut down and restarted. In addition, the quality and performance stability of the electrode paste have become the most important factors to ensure the good operation of the self-baked electrode.

In China, there are only a few technical indicators used to control the quality of electrode paste in daily tests. For example, the People’s Republic of China ferrous metallurgy industry standard [electrode paste YB/T5215-1996] only stipulates six technical indicators. For raw paste, only ash content, volatile content and elongation are required to be tested; for baked paste samples, only bulk density, compressive strength and resistivity are required to be tested. And this standard has not been revised since 1997. Practice has proved that the above six indicators do not fully reflect the performance of the electrode paste, and other technical indicators that can more fully reflect the quality of the electrode paste must be introduced to ensure that a submerged arc furnace self-baking electrode with good performance can be obtained.

Technical indicators of electrode paste for submerged arc furnace

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