The classification of the refractory material

The classification of the refractory material

There are many types of refractory material, according to different purpose and requirements, there are many classification methods, the commonly used several classification methods are as follows:

1. According to the classification of refractoriness:

1) Normal refractory: refractoriness is 1580-17709 ℃;

2) High-grade refractory materials: refractoriness is 1770-2000 ℃;

3) Special-grade refractory: refractoriness is 2000-30000 ℃;

4) Super-grade refractory: refractoriness is above 3000 ℃.

2. According to the chemical properties of classification are as follows:

1) Acid refractory material: silica quartz (silica),;silica bricks

2) Half acid refractory material: semi-silicabrick

3) Neutral refractory materials: brick, clay brick, high alumina brick, clay, refractory clay and so on;

4) Alkalinerefractory: magnesite brick, magnesite chrome brick, magnesium aluminum brick, dolomite brick, magnesite, dolomite and so on.

3. According to the size of product shape, classification are as follows:

1) Standard brick: rectangular longitudinal wedge shaped brick, brick, cross wedge, the most common standard brick ruler寸230 mm X 113 mm X 65 mm;

2) General type brick;

3) Heterotypic brick;

4) Shaped brick.

In addition, can also be classified according to the use of refractory material. Such as electric furnace roof bricks,steel ladle bricks etc. According to manufacturingtechnique, refractory also can be divided into the burnt brick, unburnedbrick, fused cast brick, etc.

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