The influence of graphite electrode quality on electrode con

The influence of graphite electrode quality on electrode consumption.

1). The resistivity of graphite electrode. The electrode consumption increases as the resistivity increases. The reason is that temperature is one of the main factors affecting the oxidation rate. When the current is the same, the greater the resistivity, the higher the electrode temperature, and the faster the oxidation. Our graphite electrode UHP600-700MM can reach the unit consumption of 1.8kg/t, as we use 100% imported needle coke.

The influence of graphite electrode quality on electrode con

Resistivity   Range


Average   Resistivity


Electrode   Consumption


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2).Graphite electrode graphitization degree. The higher of the graphitization degree, the better of the Oxidation resistance, then lower of the electrode unit consumption.

3)The bulk density. The mechanical strength, young’s modulus, and thermal conductive of graphite electrode increase as the bulk density increases. Meanwhile, the resistivity and porosity reduce. Therefore, the bulk density of graphite electrode has direct influence on the electrode consumption. The relationship between bulk density and electrode consumption of graphite electrodes made of the same raw material is shown in below figure.

The influence of graphite electrode quality on electrode con

4). The mechanical strength. During use, the graphite electrode is affected by its own weight, external force and thermal stress. When the thermal stress exceeds the mechanical strength, the graphite electrode will crack. In severe cases, the electrode may fall off or break. Generally speaking, as the compressive strength increases, the thermal stress resistance increases, so the electrode consumption decreases. But when the compressive strength is too high, the coefficient of thermal expansion will increase.

5)The quality of the graphite electrode nipple. The nipple is the weak part of electrode, it is more easier to be broken than electrode. If the nipple broke, the electrode will fall into the furnace and this will cause the extra electrode consumption. Plus, it will bring production damage to the steel mill.

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