The quantity of electrode paste in submerged arc furnace of

Ferronickel smelting used electrode paste in the electrode paste market has been regarded as a high-grade goods, in a long time, the formula of ferronickel electrode paste is a mystery.  At present, there are only a few electrode paste plants that can produce high standard closed electrode paste to meet the needs of ferronickel production.  

The formula of ni-fe high-standard sealed paste is the same as the process of general standard electrode paste, but the ratio of raw materials is different.  The terminal price of the electrode paste processed by our factory for the trading company and supplied to the largest alloy factory in Asia in Jiangsu province is close to 4000 rmb/ton.  The price of ordinary electrode paste is only 3000-3500rmb. The raw material of electrode paste for ferronickel smelting is indeed a little higher than that of ordinary electrode paste.  

As for the amount of electrode paste, our factory's high-standard closed paste reaches 8-10kg/ ton of finished ferronickel.  The electrode paste supplied by our factory to an alloy factory in Inner Mongolia has created a single consumption of 7.5kg.  

Full mechanization, automation of the operation so that Rongxing carbon electrode paste to maintain a low cost of large-scale production and high quality assurance.  Welcome new and old customers, Chinese and foreign customers to visit our factory.  

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