The Use of Petroleum Coke

The Use of Petroleum Coke

The main uses of petroleum coke: prebaked anode and anode paste for electrolytic aluminum, carbon industry production of carbon enhancer, graphite electrode, smelting industrial silicon and fuel, etc. According to the structure and appearance of petroleum coke, petroleum coke products can be divided into needle coke, sponge coke, pellet coke and powder coke:

(1) Needle coke, with obvious needle structure and fiber texture, is mainly used as high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrode in steelmaking. Because needle coke has strict quality index requirements in terms of sulfur content, ash, volatile matter and true density, there are special requirements for needle coke production process and raw materials.

(2) Sponge coke, with high chemical reactivity and low impurity content, is mainly used in aluminum industry and carbon industry.

(3) Pellet coke or spherical coke: it is spherical in shape and 0.6-30mm in diameter. It is generally produced from high sulfur and high asphaltene residue and can only be used as industrial fuel such as power generation and cement.

(4) Powdered coke: produced by fluidized coking process, it has fine particles (diameter 0.1-0.4mm), high volatile content and high thermal expansion coefficient. It can not be directly used in electrode preparation and carbon industry. According to different sulfur content, it can be divided into high sulfur coke (sulfur content above 3%) and low sulfur coke (sulfur content below 3%). Low sulfur coke can be used as anode paste and prebaked anode for aluminum plant and graphite electrode for steel and iron plant. High quality low sulfur coke (sulfur content less than 0.5%) can be used to produce graphite electrode and carburizing agent. Low sulfur coke of general quality (sulfur content less than 1.5%) is often used to produce prebaked anode. Low quality petroleum coke is mainly used for smelting industrial silicon and producing anode paste. High sulfur coke is generally used as fuel in glass plants, cement plants and power plants.

It is mainly used for making carbon products, such as library graphite electrode and anode arc, and for steelmaking, nonferrous metals and aluminum smelting; Preparation of silicon carbide products, such as various grinding wheels, sand skins, sandpaper, etc; It can also be used as fuel, but when it is used as fuel, it needs a graded impact mill for ultra-fine grinding. It can be burned only after it is made into coke powder through jzc-1250 equipment. At present, coke powder is mainly used as fuel in glass factories, coal water slurry factories, etc.

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