Tips for selecting carburizing agent

Tips for selecting carburizing agent

The new process of smelting with carburizing agent is superior to the traditional large proportion of pig iron in terms of cost and finished product performance. When carburizing agent is added to the metal smelting furnace, the best castings can be smelted with the worst scrap by using high-quality and excellent carburizing agent. Therefore, it is particularly important to select carburizing agent.

1. High temperature graphitized carburizing agent, such as graphite electrode or graphitized oil coke, shall be used as much as possible. Due to good carburizing agent, high absorption rate and fast dissolution rate, it is conducive to reduce energy consumption, effectively increase the nucleation core of molten iron and improve metallurgical quality.

2. It is a carburizing agent with low impurity elements such as sulfur and nitrogen. Moreover, the nitrogen content of carburizing agent with high sulfur content is also high, and the nitrogen slit like pores tend to be higher than that of molten iron. The higher the equilibrium concentration of nitrogen content in gray iron liquid iron, the ductile iron liquid is easy to produce shrinkage defects in the thick wall part, and the impurity casting slag tends to increase.

3. It should be noted during selection that the graphitized carburizer material after high-temperature treatment is of good quality. If it is not tested, it can be felt and observed with eyes, and can be marked on the paper.

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