Trapezoidal electrode paste submerged arc furnace characteristics

Characteristics of normal furnace conditions of nickel-iron submerged arc furnace

1. The electrode is stable and the current is balanced;

2. The furnace charge sinks evenly, the fire at the furnace mouth is light yellow or light blue flame, the flame is uniform and dark, and the electrode roots occasionally have thorn fire and material spraying;

3. The load can be kept balanced before and after the furnace, and there is no under-load or even cut-off phenomenon;

4. The slag and iron discharge before the furnace is smooth, and the number of furnaces is balanced;

5. The furnace eye is well opened and blocked.

Create conditions for normal electrode paste submerged arc furnace conditions

Trapezoidal electrode paste submerged arc furnace characteristics

1. The composition of the furnace charge meets the requirements, the ratio is accurate, the particle size is reasonable, the moisture fluctuation is small, and the mixing is uniform; the feed is uniform, the material surface is full, the slag and iron composition is stable, and the discharge is uniform; the position of the furnace eye is stable, and it is operated at full load. Balanced power consumption;

2. Maintain a proper length of the electrode working end section. The 12.5mva electric furnace is generally 2000-2500mm, and the insertion depth is about 1500-1700mm.

3. There is a suitable slag type, and the nickel content in the slag is about 0.05%.

4. Use a suitable secondary voltage.

5. Develop a proper electrode decentralization system, 12.5MVA, less frequent placement, generally 60-70mm decentralized per shift is appropriate.

6. Frequently check the operation of the electric furnace water cooling system and conductive system, and deal with hidden dangers in time.

7. The operator of the electrode paste electric furnace must be strict.

8. The leader of the electrode paste smelting team should always check the material tube and electrode to see if there is any hanging phenomenon, and deal with it promptly if any problems are found.

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