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Refractory materials refer to the materials necessary for the production of refractory products.

It is the basis for the production of refractory materials.

Most of the refractory materials are natural minerals (such as refractory clay, high bauxite, silica, chrome ore, magnesite, dolomite, magnesium olivine, zircon, kyanite, sillimanite, andalusite, etc.). With the continuous improvement of the requirements for comprehensive performance of refractory materials,

More and more industrial and synthetic materials are used in refractory production (such as industrial alumina, synthetic mullite, artificial refractory fiber, artificial refractory hollow ball, etc.).

The quality and cost of refractory products depend on the correct selection and rational use of raw materials to a great extent.

Refractory raw materials can be divided into acid refractory raw materials, alkaline refractory raw materials and neutral refractory raw materials according to chemical properties;

According to the source can be divided into natural mineral raw materials and synthetic raw materials;

Under normal circumstances, the production of refractory materials are divided into main raw materials, auxiliary raw materials.

The raw materials used to produce refractory products, whether natural mineral raw materials or synthetic raw materials, must have high enough refractoriness from the mineralogy point of view.

From the technology point of view, to meet the basic requirements of the process;

From the performance of the product, it should be able to meet the performance of the product, especially the high temperature performance requirements.

Refractory materials are usually divided into alumina-silicon refractory materials (siliceous, clayey, high aluminum, etc.), alkaline refractory materials, heat insulation refractory materials and other refractory materials.

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