What is coke

Coke is one of the most important raw materials for making electrode paste, especially for making graphitized electrode.

The most marketable coke is low-ash coke (sometimes called ash-free coke), which contains no more than 1% ash and includes petroleum coke and bituminous coke.

The first type is the coke obtained from the coking of petroleum residue, and the second type is the coke produced by the production and processing of coal pitch in the electric furnace of chemical industry coking industry.

Petroleum coke: petroleum residue by high temperature treatment of solid carbon content material known as petroleum coke.

Because the raw materials and production technology is not the same, the composition of this kind of material is not the same.

At this stage, there are two kinds of petroleum coke with different characteristics, one is kettle type petroleum coke, the first kind is delayed coking petroleum coke.

The former contains 3-7% volatile matter, and the latter 10-18% volatile matter.

Asphalt coke: the coal asphalt into the same coke oven as the coal coking furnace coking residue, the volatile content of only 0.8 ~1%, usually mixed with petroleum coke calcination, for production and manufacturing.

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