What shape to choose electrode paste for submerged arc furnace

In our actual production, some customers need trapezoidal electrode paste, some need spherical shape, and some need cylindrical body. You know, although the shape is different, the formula is the same. So, why are there different shapes?

No matter what shape the electrode paste is, it is finally added to the submerged arc furnace for use. These electrode pastes are finally baked into electrodes to release heat. The main reason for their different shapes is that the structure of the submerged arc furnace is different.

In more detail, different electrode paste shapes depend on the stiffeners in the submerged arc furnace. It can be said that the stiffener largely restricts the falling speed of the electrode paste, to be precise, the firing speed of the electrode. Different stiffener structures determine the shape of the electrode paste.

What shape to choose electrode paste for submerged arc furnace

However, from our experience, the spherical electrode paste is the most shipped product. The main reason is that the spherical electrode paste itself is smaller, and the electrode gap after firing is smaller and denser.

No matter what type of electrode paste is produced, Rongxin Carbon adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship and will never allow any unqualified electrode paste product to go out of the factory.

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