What’s the size of high aluminum brick

We usually improve the size specification of high alumina brick to large size, so as to reduce the consumption of small-size high alumina brick. So how long can the high aluminum brick be?

The application and improvement of large-size high alumina brick have been relatively early. For example, in the furnace bottom of electric furnace, the commonly used small brick is the specification of standard brick 230 * 114 * 65 (mm). However, it was later found that the use of small brick not only has large workload and loss, but also has more brick joints after masonry.

It will not only bring the risk of furnace penetration to the electric furnace after it is put into operation in the future, but also increase the consumption of other auxiliary materials such as refractory mud and high aluminum powder. Therefore, the high alumina brick for laying the furnace bottom of electric furnace is changed into the same straight brick with large size of 345 * 150 * 75 (mm). The masonry labor force is reduced and the masonry effect is increased.

The large size of high alumina bricks is not only at the level of small bricks, but also large-size high alumina bricks such as 1170 * 230 * 114 (mm) long bricks and 1200 * 300 * 120 (mm) long cover bricks produced by us. It is also difficult to produce large-size high alumina bricks. The greater difficulty is that they can not be made into mechanisms, because they are limited by the die size of the press, It is often said to press and form with a hydraulic press.

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