Working length of electrode after sintering of electrode paste

The electrode paste sintered electrode is responsible for the important task of inputting electric energy to the ferrosilicon electric furnace and accelerating the chemical reaction in the furnace.

Whether the electrode paste sintered electrode accelerates the chemical reaction in the furnace or not depends on the length of the electrode. The length of the electrode paste sintered electrode inserted into the furnace is mainly judged from the following six aspects:

(1) The sound of arc

(2) The size of the crucible area

(3) The temperature of the furnace mouth

(4) Operating conditions

(5) The amount of iron produced

In addition, the electrode current of the sintered electrode paste is also one of the important indicators for judging the length of the electrode.

Working length of electrode after sintering of electrode paste

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the positive production work, to ensure that the electrode is inserted deeply to increase the furnace temperature, accelerate the chemical reaction, and reduce the consumption of electric energy and coke, it is necessary to have enough electrode working ends of the factory and a reasonable amount of carbon, and at the same time, a reasonable allocation Carbon distribution can increase the specific resistance of the charge, so that the coke maintains good reducibility.

In addition, it is necessary to correctly handle the relationship between electrode working length, coke and electrode position and electrode current based on theory and practical experience, stabilize furnace conditions, and reduce energy consumption, especially if the load input with larger capacity must be stable to ensure The electric furnace is operating normally.

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